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The quality and attention to detail remain the same if we are building a new custom dream home or a smaller kitchen reno!

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Marnie Martin
As President of RISE Construction, Marnie Martin is committed to being an innovator in the homebuilding industry, and is constantly focused on improving the quality of our homes. Rise Construction is a culmination of a life long dream for President Marnie Martin.  This 3rd generation builder grew up in a carpenter’s home and her earliest memories included being on the job-site with her father.  “Jumping in the work truck with my Dad and his dog, heading to a home he was building is still a very fond memory,” says Martin “those memories helped inspire me to become a builder.  I love it.”

Rise’s homes have been noted for their attention to detail and their exceptional quality.  It is their goal to build homes that fit client’s lifestyles but offer them in a manner pleasing to the most discerning palette.  Whether working with a client from the plan design stage in a truly custom-built home or if Rise is building their own fabulous plan, quality and service are paramount.  Rise’s customers are the life blood of this service business.

From your initial consultation visit with our team to your first day of ownership and beyond it is our pledge that you will have the best possible care and attention to the details of your dream home.  Our willingness to work hard every day for our customers makes the homebuilding process a true celebration.  It is about going above and beyond the superior standards and exceptional service that our Customers expect from us.

Today’s home buying public are extremely sophisticated in their tastes and very understanding of building styles.  Home building television, home style magazines and the internet have provided customers with an on-demand viewing platform to help shape their needs and wants.  Rise Construction prides itself as a building company ready to meet the needs of its customers. 

“Building Beyond” is their logo and they mean it!


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Quality, professionalism, money management, and exceptional service – what more could you ask for?

New Home Warranty in British Columbia

Since the introduction of the Homeowner Protection Act in British Columbia in 1999, Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada has been leading the way in providing superior warranty coverage for new homes. Having the most knowledgeable and experienced underwriters in the business and staff with construction and technical expertise enables Travelers Guarantee to deliver excellent customer service and better quality homes to new home buyers in British Columbia.

Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada is a property and casualty insurance company serving the Canadian market for years. Travelers Guarantee's financial strength, diversity of products, and commitment to service excellence have earned Travelers Guarantee the solid reputation of being the leading provider of surety and real estate insurance products in the construction and home building industry in Canada.

New Home Buyers

Buying a new home involves making many important decisions. It is important to carefully research all aspects, seek professional advice, and gather as much information as possible about your potential new home before you sign the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. In order to obtain the benefits of the Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada Warranty, you will need to confirm:

• the new home as been built by a Travelers Guarantee approved builder;
• the builder is licensed by the Homeowner Protection Office; and
• new home warranty coverage has been issued on the new home.

Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada underwrites the builder's track record, technical expertise, financial capacity and after sales customer service before approving a builder. Only those builders who meet Travelers Guarantee?s stringent underwriting criteria, construct quality homes that conform to the Building Code and carry out timely after sales service are approved builders by Travelers Guarantee.

Before taking possession of your new home, you should make arrangements with your builder to conduct a preoccupancy walk through, to identify any defects or construction deficiencies that may be corrected prior to occupancy. At this meeting you can expect your builder to present you with a Commencement Date Certificate for signing. This certificate simply assists us in determining the commencement date of warranty coverage for your new home. Upon receiving a copy of this certificate from your builder, we will initiate warranty coverage and provide you with your 2-5-10 Home Warranty Certificate by mail. Please be sure to read this document carefully and keep it in a safe place. It explains the warranty coverage in detail and the process for reporting defects in your new home. You may wish to refer to the Construction Standards Guide to assist you in identifying and reporting defects to Travelers Guarantee.

Protecting your new home warranty coverage requires that you properly maintain your new home. Please review the Maintaining Your New Home section to help you protect this important investment for years to come.

The Travelers Warranty

Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada led the way in being the first insurance company to be approved by the Financial Institutions Commission to deliver warranty coverage for new homes in British Columbia. Travelers Guarantee takes great pride in providing new home buyers with strong protection in the warranty coverage pursuant to the Homeowner Protection Act and Regulations. The comprehensive 2-5-10 Home Warranty Certificate provides new home buyers with security and peace of mind in one of the most significant, and exciting purchases most people make in their lifetime. The Travelers Guarantee Warranty provides important protection and coverage to new home buyers both before and after buying a new home:

Material and Labour Warranty

Year 1 : Any defect in materials and labour
Year 2 : Defects in materials and labour supplied for:
1. gas, electrical, plumbing, heating ventilation and air-conditioning delivery and distribution systems; 2. exterior cladding, caulking, windows and doors that may lead to detachment or material damage to the new home; 3. coverage for any defects in materials and labour rendering the new home unfit to live in; and 4. subject to Subsection A.1.2., coverage for non-compliance or a violation of the building code 5 Year Building Envelope Warranty

Coverage for the building envelope for up to five years for defects in the building envelope of a new home, including a defect which permits unintended water penetration such that it causes, or is likely to cause, material damage to the new home.

10 Year Structural Defects Warranty

Coverage for structural defects for up to ten years for:

1. any defect in materials and labour that results in the failure of a load bearing part of the new home; and 2. any defect which causes structural damage that materially and adversely affects the use of the new home for residential occupancy. Note: For complete warranty coverage information, please refer to the 2-5-10 Home Warranty Certificate.

If you would like more information on our New Home Warranty, please contact us.


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